The issue: Arms manufacturers

Weapon companies profit from military interventions

Through the global weapons trade, some arms manufacturers supply military goods to states at risk of using weapons for oppression or aggression.


Retirement plans are invested in arms manufacturers and military contractors

The largest U.S. mutual fund managers, responsible for funds found across thousands of corporate 401(k) plans, have significant investments in nuclear and other controversial weapons like cluster bombs and white phosphorus. While nations have the right to the legitimate use of weapons for self-defense and national security, having investor-owned arms manufacturers in retirement plans puts people in the position of profiting from this bloodshed.

Concerns about social impact, human rights, reputation risk, and regulatory risks are just a few of the reasons weapon-free investing has been a common component of sustainable investing for decades. These risks are amplified when companies are involved with nuclear weapons and controversial weapons like cluster munitions, anti-personnel landmines, incendiary weapons, and depleted uranium.

Given a choice, many would not want to profit from companies that manufacture weapons of mass destruction. We can help build a more peaceful world by shifting our investments away from war and violence.


Nuclear weapons

The financing of companies contributing to the build-up and modernization of nuclear arms undermines efforts to achieve nuclear disarmament. Any use of nuclear weapons would violate fundamental rules of international law and have catastrophic humanitarian and environmental consequences.

Research from peace groups PAX and ICAN has found that financial institutions are continuing to invest in publicly-traded manufacturers and servicers of nuclear weapons.

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The Solutions

Offer weapon-free retirement plan options

Company retirement plans should offer fund options that are sustainably invested and exclude arms manufacturers and military contractors.


Answers to common questions about how retirement plans and asset managers are financing militarism.

We offer sustainable investment tools that highlight issues dealing with climate change, gender equality and more

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