The issue: Civilian firearms

Do you want to profit from gun violence?

Over 90% of the country supports expanding background checks to all gun sales and the majority supports increased safety regulation, but many of these same people are investing their savings in firearm manufacturers and don’t even know it.


Retirement plans are invested in gun manufacturers

Retirement plans are investing in firearm manufacturers and retailers who generate billions of dollars from handgun, assault rifle, and ammunition sales.

Asset managers like Vanguard are investing in gun manufacturers – and they’re using workers’ retirement plan savings to do so. Through Vanguard, the retirement plans of companies like Amazon and Comcast are investing millions in publicly-traded companies involved in manufacturing civilian firearms including handguns, rifles, assault weapons, and ammunition.

We can help build a more peaceful world by reducing the power of those who profit from violence. Investors have the power to cut ties with the corporations that make and sell the tools of gun violence, and to reinvest in ethical companies that support our communities and protect our planet.


Civilian firearm retailers

Retailers selling handguns, shotguns, rifles, and ammunition — including high-capacity magazines and semiautomatic weapons known commonly as “assault rifles” — are profiting from the bloodshed of mass shootings and gun violence.

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The Solutions

Exclude civilian firearm manufacturers from retirement plan default options

The default option offered in company retirement plans, which usually ends up with the bulk of employee contributions, should be sustainably invested and exclude civilian firearm manufacturers.


Answers to common questions about how retirement plans and asset managers are financing the gun violence.

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